Badass Digest Episode 6: The Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer For CLOUD ATLAS

An incredibly rare video interview with Andy and Lana Wachowski, as well as CLOUD ATLAS co-director Tom Tykwer!

The Wachowskis have been famously press shy for years. They tend to let their movies talk for themselves, but with Cloud Atlas something has changed. They've begun to engage the press - and audiences directly through Q&As - and have shown that we've been missing out all these years. Andy and Lana aren't weird recluses or pathologically shy auteurs - they're funny, smart, chatty and totally cool people. They're incredible in front of an audience and they're wonderful in a smaller, private setting.

I had a chance to talk with them a bit at Fantastic Fest, where they did a Q&A after the secret screening of Cloud Atlas, and I found Andy to be pleasantly sardonic while Lana was excitable and given to talking about big, smart ideas. A compliment about Speed Racer turned into a big discussion of Cubism, for instance. After that I knew I really wanted to sit down with them on camera, and the good people at Warner Bros - who knew how much I love Cloud Atlas - bent over backwards to make it happen. I have to thank Michael Tritter and Gemma Cacho for really going above and beyond.

It's a big deal talking to these filmmakers. I firmly believe they're among the best filmmakers alive, and their reticence to talk to the press makes this opportunity rare and special. Tom Tykwer is no small get either; having all three together was incredible. 

The video above represents only a part of the interview I did. I had about 30 minutes with Tykwer and the Wachowskis (and yes, we did talk about Speed Racer), and that 30 minutes wasn't even close to enough time. We just scratched the surface of things we could have talked about, and I hope that one day I have an opportunity to sit down with them again. In the meantime, leave a message on the YouTube page telling the good people at CineFix how much you want to see the entire interview! This edited version is really great, but I know that some of you have the fortitude for the full, raw thing. 

And do you have October 26th in your calendars yet? Mark it down - make sure you see Cloud Atlas

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