Jack goes from killer to slayer, and mothers just love him for it.

I try really hard not to hate on films ahead of time, but I have a bad feeling about Jack the Giant Killer. The trailer we got almost a year ago sold a tonally inconsistent film that appeared more Tim Burton than Peter Jackson. Soon after, Warner Bros. pushed the film back nine months. It was supposed to come out this summer, but instead will come out this spring. That means at least one of our alternate universes has already seen and yawned at the film.

Now, according to THR it's not even called Jack the Giant Killer anymore. Its name has been changed to Jack the Giant Slayer. Just think of the tens of millions of dollars that one word is going to make for Warner Bros. I wasn't interested in seeing the film before, but now I just might.

On top of that, the troubled film has been moved up from March 22 to March 1 in a vain attempt to fill the void left by Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium move announced earlier this week. So now you can skip it weeks earlier, yet still nine months later than originally intended.

I apologize for my overall negativity regarding this project. I don't normally dismiss CG heavy fairy tale remakes that have been bounced around release schedules like a pinball and go through dramatic name changes ten months after releasing a trailer. The fact is, I'm down on this film because I'm pretty sure I spied Eddie Marsan in the trailer, and that guy irritates me immensely.