JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Dated For 2015

Warner Bros' crushing of the family of the men who created Superman paves the way for a team up.

Yesterday a federal judge denied an attempt by the heirs of Joseph Shuster, one of the creators of Superman, to get 50% of the property back. This will secure for Warner Bros the ability to keep making bad comic books, crummy TV shows and endless movie sequels based on the character. Many fans of comic books will see this as a win, because they have come to identify with the massive corporate entities at the expense of the creators who actually came up with this stuff in the first place. Comic fandom is weird.

The most immediate impact of the ruling is that Warner Bros has officially fired up Justice League as a 2015 movie. Until they were sure of the outcome of the case they didn't want to go ahead with anything, but now the way is open. Superman can lead the Justice League on film.

Which Superman? Probably the one from Man of Steel, I'd guess, but who knows. Warner Bros' comic book movies have been a mess and do not boast the cohesive nature of Marvel's films. Instead of building the individual members of the Justice League, WB will attempt to spin the characters out of the film - essentially the opposite of Marvel's strategy. Ten years ago this would have been the no-brainer way to approach it, but Marvel Studios has completely rewritten the rules on this kind of stuff.

With a 2015 date, Justice League should be going in front of cameras some time in the next 12 months. This is when the rumors and reports get crazy, and we'll be following closely.