Our Daily Trailer: THE OMEN

We're giving you the ABCs of scary movie trailers this month and O is for THE OMEN.

Hey everyone. I'm so so so so sorry about this, but I have never seen The Omen. Not the original, not any sequels, and certainly not the remake. The fact is, the story always seemed a bit boring to me. I know a lot of the classic moments, and I have seen the famous David Warner decapitation. Is it still really vital that I check it out?

I especially ask after watching this long-ass trailer which seems to confirm my fears that the film will merely fill in the forgone narrative conclusions that come with the synopsis. It seems to spoil a lot of kills as well. The only part that offers me a little hope is the bit with the giraffe. If you tell me Damien lets a whole zoo loose to play Jumanji, I might give this one a chance after all.

So I leave it up to you. The Omen is on Netflix Instant right now. Convince me in the comments why I should watch it. If the film is just a bunch of that kid leering out from under his forehead, I'm not interested.