RZA’s THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS Tumblr Demands Your Immediate Attention

"Oh shit Homie, looks like your neck sprung a leak."

It seems the tumblr of the day will probably belong to some well-meaning but bloodless "Binders of Women" meme collection. That's too bad. Even out of righteous and incredulous left wing anger, nothing said by Mitt Romney should ever overshadow the RZA.

So when you're all done laughing at Vaginal Trapper Keeper jokes, you'll want to check out RZA's tumblr dedicated to The Man With the Iron Fists. Not only does each entry offer cool character photos and clips from kung fu movies RZA used as inspiration, but some just feature RZA himself sharing with you anecdotes about the film. In other words, RZA speaks. If you've never heard RZA speak before, you should jump on that right away. The man exudes accidental comedy and genuine suave thanks to his weird cadence and unexpected phrasing. No one on earth talks like RZA. Take, for instance, this clip found on the tumblr where RZA explains the connection between Russell Crowe's character, Jack Knife, and Old Dirty Bastard.

Poetry. RZA also provides gory .gifs with hilarious captions. So a .gif of a guy spraying blood from his jugular comes accompanied with: "Oh shit homie, looks like your neck sprung a leak." If you're not already running over to check this out, I'm not sure we can be friends.

It strikes me as impossible that The Man With the Iron Fists won't be a trashy blast when it comes out Nov. 2nd. At Fantastic Fest, Eli Roth teased a scene with Russell Crowe and anal beads that pretty much ensures RZA's place as a director of note.