A third HBO WWII series could focus on the air war. 

HBO has found considerable success - artistically and financially - in WWII. Band of Brothers and The Pacific are beloved, excellent miniseries bringing a new eye to fighting men of the 40s. And the network may not be done with the war just yet - they're looking into a third miniseries.

Technically The Pacific isn't Band of Brothers 2 except that it totally is, so whatever this new series is called, we're all going to consider it the finale of the Band of Brothers trilogy. And it'll be taking on a new theater of battle: the air war. While WWI was where air combat really got started, WWII saw aerial battle being a decisive factor. From the Blitz to kamikazes to the dropping of the A-bombs, planes were instrumental in the fighting of the war. And a miniseries that brings the Enola Gay right to Japan's airspace would be the perfect way to wrap up the longform examination of WWII.

There is no date on this yet, but I can't imagine we wait too long. We'll probably see casting and shooting within the next two years. I guess it's unlikely that it would be able to air on the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, but I imagine that thought has crossed the minds of producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.