LA: See WAKE IN FRIGHT This Weekend! Saturday Q&A Hosted By Devin!

Director Ted Kotcheff comes to LA to do Q&As at the opening of Drafthouse Film's WAKE IN FRIGHT.

I couldn't review Wake in Fright out of Fantastic Fest because it's being released by Drafthouse Films, our sister company. But I bent the rules a bit and I wrote some thoughts on the film here. Long story short: it's a movie you should see. Originally released in 1971, the story of a teacher's lost week in the Australian Outback was all but lost for decades. Now it's been restored and Drafthouse Films is bringing it to the United States. It's a great movie.

And it's opening this weekend in Los Angeles. Director Ted Kotcheff - who also directed FIrst Blood and The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz and Weekend at Bernie's - will be in town doing intros and Q&As. And I'll be hosting the Saturday Q&A! The film is playing at the NuArt Theater, and Kotcheff will be at the 8:15 shows tonight and tomorrow. Come to one of them and be blown away by this powerful, disturbing, awesome film. 

Buy tickets here.