Marketing Done Right: The Coke Zero SKYFALL Challenge

Poisonous cola Coke Zero teams up with SKYFALL for an admittedly great bit of advertising.

Advertising is the devil, and Coke Zero is a toxic swill. But this Skyfall Challenge video is fucking great, and I can't help but share it with you. Coke Zero wins again!

Unsuspecting folks in a train station attempt to pollute their bodies with the chemical swamp of a Coke Zero and are suddenly offered free tickets to Skyfall. They have to get to a certain platform in 70 seconds, but the path, they will find, is entertainingly blocked. This is fun idea, well executed.

Bonus: people in the comments are claiming this is fake because nobody is fat. It's Europe, guys. Unlike the US, enormous fatasses aren't a constant sight. Maybe because they all die young of tumor acquired through Coke Zero.