Master Of Disguise Attempts Identity Theft

Somehow the authorities saw through this amazing costume.

Joshua Pinney walked into a Bank of America in Des Moines and asked for a new debit card. Except he wasn't dressed as Joshua Pinney; he was cannily disguised as an Oregon man whose car - and identification - had been stolen recently. While this daring scheme should have worked, bank employees saw through Pinney's expert disguise.

The last paragraph of this quote is AMAZING:

Pinney told the branch manager that he was on a business trip in Washington and needed a new debit card, according to the police report. He also asked the branch manager if he could sit down and requested a glass of water, claiming he was in pain from a recent accident.

When confronted by police, Pinney stuck with his story and said he was at the bank to replace his debit card, documents said.

The police officer looked at the Oregon ID that Pinney had given the bank manager and asked the man if he was seriously trying to pass as the man in the picture. Court documents report Pinney hung his head and said “I know.”

Pinney really looks like he's trying to reenact the Sabotage video, doesn't he? 

I wish I could say there's a happy ending to this, but Pinney failed to appear for his court date yesterday. That means he could be out in the community, hiding in plain sight as an old woman, a black chauffeur, a mailbox or a schoolgirl. Keep your eyes peeled, Des Moines. Hopefully you can penetrate his veil of deceit.