Nic Cage To Be Forsaken By Christ In LEFT BEHIND Reboot

The actor may star in a more 'mainstream' version of the Christian apocalyptic nonsense. 

Nicolas Cage is just leaning into it now. The actor, who has become an irritating one-note joke meme on the internet for a generation that never even heard of Vampire's Kiss (seriously, you kids think Cage is weird now?), is in talks to star in Left Behind, a bigger-budget reboot of the Christian sensation.

Based on a series of increasingly icky books by Tim LeHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the original trilogy of films starred banana-misunderstander Kirk Cameron. They were big hits on the fringe Christian circuit, and now the property is being envisioned as something of a crossover event. The new version will have a budget of $15 million and is guaranteed theatrical release by Samuel Goldwyn Films (Goldwyn, a dead Jew, is certainly roasting in hell according to the film's theology). 

The story is thus: the Rapture comes! All the good Christians get whisked away, bodily, to Heaven. Everybody else is left behind as the Antichrist begins making his big takeover moves and a small group of survivors, the Tribulation Force, likely led by Cage, must battle for Christ's glory. In the later books Christ comes back in the flesh and lays waste to his enemies. I'd like to see that on screen, to be honest. 

Maybe this version of the film is meant to be ironic. After all, casting Cage essentially means nobody is going to take this shit seriously (which, realistically, they were never going to do anyway). But, at the same time, it means the internet pays a lot of attention to it. Somewhere there's an algorithm that says this all makes good, good sense.

Almost interesting topic: between this and Ghost Rider Cage will have both sides of the Heaven/Hell dichotomy covered. Maybe they can cross the movies over.