What X-Man Will Cameo In THE WOLVERINE?

Warning: possible spoiler within!

Fox managed to salvage the X-Men franchise with X-Men: First Class, and now it's trying to save the Wolverine spin-off series by chasing the concept of making The Wolverine not a pile of dogshit. So far indications are semi-positive. I'm hopeful.

A new bit of rumor also has me intrigued. According to some site called We Got This Covered, a former X-Man showed up in Australia to shoot a cameo in the film. What follows could be a spoiler, if you're the sort of pansy who worries about that stuff:

The site claims that Famke Janssen shot a cameo as Jean Grey. Since The Wolverine is a prequel, Jean is still alive (you'll remember that Logan killed her at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand). I don't know if this means that the movie is set during Wolverine's time with the X-Men or we're going to learn that Wolvie met her before the first film. I guess we're all going to pretend that Famke doesn't look older than she did in 1999. 

Bringing her back as Jean Grey is interesting, because of the potential havoc it wreaks with future continuity. There's a sense that X-Men: First Class 2 doing Days of Future Past is a way of rebooting the modern X-Men line-up, sort of undoing everything in the first three films and allowing Fox to reintroduce classic characters like Cyclops and Colussus. As the series moves forward it makes sense for Fox to distance the new films from the old, with Hugh Jackman as the only real consistent player. But bringing in Janssen ties things tighter; whether this means an affirmation of the original continuity or a lack of thought into the whole thing will probably only matter to nerds like us.

But it really matters to me. I wish it didn't, but I know this is going to bug me when this movie and Days of Future Past come out and the timeline/continuity is snarled to shit. I wish I was a stronger man.