BLACK DYNAMITE Sequel Not Even Filming Yet But Already Awesome

BLACK DYNAMITE might need some actual black dynamite in his next adventure.

Crave Online has an exclusive clip from the Alex Cross premiere in which they approach senior badass and Tyler Perry conspirator Michael Jai White regarding the fate of a Black Dynamite sequel. Michael Jai White's answer is like sweet ambrosia (buttchugged):

"It looks like we're getting closer to the decision of something that would be an homage to Blazing Saddles."

So rather than sticking to the urban blaxsploitation parody of the first film, Jai White will be doing a full-on western parody. Of all the possible directions for a Black Dynamite sequel, this really does seem the most exciting. It won't rehash the original. It'll explore a racially tricky time. And it follows an established, if more obscure, corner of black cinema.

More than anything, though, Black Dynamite 2 will have Michael Jai White in it, doing what he does both best and least often: being hilarious. If you need a pick me up for the day, I dare you not to fall in love with this clip from the first Black Dynamite:

Seriously, that may be the funniest scene of the last ten years. There are many hilarious films out there, but few hit so many highs as that one brief clip. The rest of the film is pretty good as well.

So I'm a devotee. I'd follow Black Dynamite anywhere. But I'm far happier following him into the tropes of the Old West than I would be just doing another Shaft parody. Hopefully they start filming this as soon as possible.