Our Daily Trailer: SUSPIRIA (1977)

S is for SUSPIRIA, Dario Argento's colorful nightmare masterpiece.

As BAD rightfully frowns upon pointless, self-absorbed autobiographical context for its content, let's just say that if you happened to catch this trailer for Suspiria on television in 1977 when you were seven years old, you most certainly had the piss scared out of you. In fact, subsequent instances of this spot popping up on TV might have sent you running from the room, you pussy, and as a result maybe you didn't even hear the trailer's completely perfect closing tagline until you grew up, became a fan of director Dario Argento's particular brand of vivid horror, and bought the limited edition DVD with the film's Goblin soundtrack CD included as an extra.

Now, as critical-thinking adults, whether we love Suspiria or not (one must assume any regular reader of BAD is at least familiar with the film), we can truly appreciate what a perfectly bonkers trailer this is. Plot? Nope. Touting of cast or crew? Nuh-uh. Just straight-up nightmare imagery pulled from the film's best scenes (those you could show on TV, at any rate) with the title hissed at you over and over. Simple. Terrifying. This trailer (and the ad for Magic, which was almost written up last week until a need to defend stop-motion presented itself) really are two of the most effective of the '70s - minimalist, chilling little nightmares which still work today.