Short Film MONSTER ROLL Offers Hilarious Kaiju Action

Watch and learn advanced methods for getting rid of crabs.

Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

I love a good short, and there's lots to admire about Monster Roll. The idea is simple: gigantic sea monsters have come ashore and only the greatest Asian-American sushi chefs can battle them. Unfortunately, the short lacks Jiro Ono, but it does feature the incredible Gerald Okamura as a blind chef. This also marks the third film I've seen in the last month about the high artistry involved with making sushi. It really makes me want to move back to Asia.

According to writer/director Dan Blank, the film is a "proof of concept" for a feature. So, watch it and spread it around. Hopefully someday soon we'll get to see the whole thing.

What more do you need? It's only six minutes long, it's hilarious, it has giant monsters, and Gerald Okamura is in it. Watch the shit out of it!