This Guy Is Building A Full Scale Replica Millenium Falcon From STAR WARS

This crazy guy, if we're being honest.

Chris Lee has a dream. That dream is to have a full scale Millenium Falcon (circa Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back) on his property. For the last few years he's been building his way to the completion of that dream, and he has a website where he updates people on the slow progress towards completing his 1:1 scale ship.

Lee's been painstakingly working out all the details for a while - the seeds of the project were planted years ago. And he has a long while to go, estimating it'll take five to seven years to complete. His latest updates show progress on the cockpit control panels, and he's built the quad gun. He has a space marked out for it on his 88 acre property - likely far from prying eyes and any ears that could hear the screams of his victims. He's also done a lot of research in an attempt to reconcile the dimensions of the ship's exterior and interior. Since nobody thought there would be people recreating the Falcon, the original set designers didn't worry about matching up the sizes of rooms and hallways inside the ship with the prop exterior.

I have lately wondered what kind of person is still a Star Wars fan, and Chris has answered that: delusional people! But you have to be impressed with the sheer amount of compulsive obsession on display here. Too many nerds feel content to keep their fandom to mash-up t-shirts or referential screennames; Lee is going all the fucking way. I can't deny the level of commitment required for that. I often bemoan the loss of true, hardcore nerds, and this guy is putting his money where my mouth is. (And other people's money, too. He's raising donations)

Click here to visit Lee's site and follow along as he spends the next few years of his life recreating something that has been debased by the original creator.