Watch “6:14” An Interactive Horror Short With Ethan Embry And Michael Ironside

Part of Fourth Wall's DARK WALL horror anthology.

Need something short and spooky to darken up your day? Watch this cool short from Fourth Wall studios, the newest installment in their recent Dark Wall horror anthology. Ethan Embry's a man who wakes up in a strange room with a phone ringing. Michael Ironside (!) is on the other line, telling him the time of day. Embry hangs up, investigates his surroundings and is then quickly, brutally and creatively murdered - before waking up again in the same room with the phone still ringing. 

The cool thing is that "6:14" is actually an interactive short:

With this interactive short, you can experience reality juxtaposed against the main story of the character's dreams through your cell phone. Hear the screams of someone in the real world transposed as a fire alarm going off in your dream… if you dare.

Watch the trailer above, and watch the short here