Watch The SAVE THE DATE Trailer And Smile

The trailer for Michael Mohan's beautiful, wry, heartfelt comedy is live.

This is actually a few days old, so I apologize, but I didn't realize the trailer had been released and I very much want to post it on BAD in case you missed it too, because I love the film. I mean, I really love this film. It's smart and honest, beautifully shot, and the performances are all incredible. Save the Date, while quiet and unobtrusive, is one of my favorite films of the year, a surprise that sneaked up on me and has kept ahold of my heart in the six months since I've seen it. 

Read my review here, and read my interview with director and co-writer Michael Mohan here. At the interview link you can also see some more of Jeffrey Brown's wonderful artwork used in the film.

Save the Date hits theaters December 14, or you can see it On Demand and other digital platforms beginning November 8. See it, see it, see it! Even if you don't trust my judgment, you should at least know that America's Girlfriends Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan play sisters, so see it for that reason if nothing else, okay?