Jesus Christ Pays Painful 1970s Tribute To The Beatles

Ted Neely, star of the film JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, appears on Rolling Stone Magazine's 10th anniversary TV special to butcher the Beatles.

This video was discovered on a Betamax tape at a flea market. The contents are amazing: it's Rolling Stone Magazine's 10th Anniversary 10 TV Special, and this 15 minute segment is a tribute to The Beatles. The main singer is Ted Neely, who played Wall-Eyed Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Yvonne Elliman, who played Mary Magdalene in that film, also shows up, among others who probably have no memory of this taping.

If you ever wondered why punk was such a thing in 1977, you have to only watch this horrific, overdone, coke-drenched phantasmagoria of awful. This is what rock music had become by the end of the 70s, and this is why it needed to be destroyed and rebuilt.

Looking back now from a safe reserve (which resembles 1977 in so many ways), this is hilarious. Horrible, but hilarious. Skip around if you can't handle the individual parts. The Strawberry Fields segment is hilarious, and the Helter Skelter bit is so embarrassing in the way it shows Rolling Stone simply did not get punk. And the Give Peace A Chance section... UGH. I kind of like the part where Nixon and Kissinger sing Back in the USSR. That really happens. Watch the whole thing.

Thanks to Kim Morgan for sharing!