Sussing Out this New DIE HARD Trailer

It gets worse the more you watch it.

I've seen the new A Good Day to Die Hard trailer a handful of times now. The teaser released earlier this year had me pretty excited, but this new one tamps down that excitement considerably for various reasons.

First, I offer a list of things I like about the trailer:

Ode to Joy (So I'm an easy lay. My body my choice.)

John McClane smiles (How often do you see Bruce Willis smile in films since he shaved his head?)

That cab driver (played by Russia McSoviet-face, Hollywood's current #1 Russian stand in. I even saw him as an astronaut on The Big Bang Theory (F you, I live with my in-laws))

Then the maybes:

John McClane's son?

Whoever the bad guy is?

Then the stuff I hate:

The window jump

The hot motorcycle chick

The forced, yet edited "Yipee Ki-Yay," which makes it sound like McClane just mumbles it to himself at all times now.

What I've come to accept with this trailer is that this and the last Die Hard film are simply parts of a different franchise, the Die Hard with a Family trilogy (likely, anyhow). This set of films coast on the familiarity of John McClane while at the same time offering us an unrecognizable depiction of the character. They also have really complicated names and use "Ode to Joy" in the trailers to ensure my ticket money.

This film may have some bright spots, but you can already tell it's not a Die Hard film simply because Bruce Willis is still just playing bald Bruce Willis with a gun. His kid might be an okay addition but the best it can hope for is a decent action film that happens to have the Die Hard name, which is exactly how I regarded the last one until I rewatched it again and realized it wasn't even that.

As always, I'd love to be wrong about this, but this last trailer just gives me bad vibes. We won't know for sure until the damn thing comes out this Valentine's Day.