Kick Off Your Shoes And Grab Your Wig - It’s A Very Tarantino Halloween

DJANGO UNCHAINED wants to see your best Tarantino inspired Halloween costumes.

I went as Mia Wallace several Halloweens back. I've had friends disguise themselves as Beatrix, Jules and Mr. Blonde. Quentin Tarantino characters offer a wealth of costume ideas because they're all so stylish and specific. So show off your afro or your bomber jacket with a new initiative tied in with the upcoming release of Django Unchained, a movie sure to provide several more covetable costumes. 

I wanna wear this. 

From the contest:

For "A Very Tarantino Halloween" we are calling upon fans to submit a pic of their Tarantino-inspired Halloween. Perhaps they will be exacting their revenge as The Bride in Kill Bill or leaving their mark as Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds. All fans have to do is tag their photo on Twitter or Instagram with #HalloweenUnchained or tag the official Facebook page.

We will be featuring as many photos as we can at the end of the week, with some special Django Unchained prizes for the very best.

Fans can join in on...

Twitter using #HalloweenUnchained
Instagram using #HalloweenUnchained