Mondo Reveals Wonderful Universal Monsters Posters!

And they're on sale tomorrow!

Mondo is unleashing another wave of Universal Monsters posters on the world and they're gorgeous! Some of these posters have already been announced, I think all of them debuted at their Mondo Gallery show this month, but this is the first time they'll be for sale to the general public.

On sale date is a random time tomorrow, October 30th. I like all of them, but The Wolf Man is so powerful, gets so to the heart of Larry Talbot's pain, that it actually moves me. The Frankenstein is beautiful, the Dracula haunting, Creature From The Black Lagoon inventive and cool, and The Mummy romantic... but that Wolf Man! It's the real deal. For my money that's one of the best Mondo posters in... ever? It's one of the top Mondo posters of all time.

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All posters are by Laurent Duriex. 

21x36” - $50 regular edition of 375

24x36 - $50 regular edition of 400

24x36” - $50 regular edition of 350

24x36” - $50 regular edition of 475

24x36” - $50 regular edition of 380