New THE WOLVERINE Teaser Poster Is Pretty Cool

He's turning Japanese, I really think so.

Fox held a live chat with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold from the set of The Wolverine today; while most of the talking was the sort of usual PR fluff (and, as is the case more and more often, disavowing of previous films in the franchise), there was one nice reveal: a new teaser poster for the movie. Looking like it's on rice paper and done with shodo brushes, this poster evokes the Japanese setting of the film. I like it a lot!

If you're interested in the chat, watch it below. I found it to be pretty uninteresting, except for the reveal that the film will be in 3D. Also, some of the vagueness about villains leads me to believe we're going to have a surprise enemy in the film. If Fox decides to tie this back into the X-Men: First Class franchise, could that villain be an Apocalypse or a Mister Sinister - someone who could be a big deal for the whole mutant community?