Surprise: Robert Downey Jr Cameos In COD: BLACK OPS 2 Commercial

In case you were worried RDJ was too artistically minded to re-up for more Marvel movies...

I will be playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for sure (I'm devin wolfking on Xbox Live if you want to add me). Somehow I don't think it'll allow me to ride a horse, but who knows. I do know for sure that if I were to ride a horse, I wouldn't be taunted as 'horse lady' but rather 'faggot,' 'nigger' or 'bitch.' Check out this delightful site called Fat Ugly Or Slutty, which compiled some amazingly misogynistic Xbox Live communications. 

Anyway, while I will be playing and will be getting invectives hurled at me, I bet Robert Downey Jr won't be playing. Although his salary for a one second cameo in this new commercial could likely allow him to buy a hundred thousand XBoxes and games. I imagine his cameo didn't even require him to do anything except sit in a chair for one minute and mug for the camera! Do we even think he's actually in costume, or is that all just CGI?

This is interesting in a larger way - it speaks to how video games are becoming centralized to the culture. It's a step beyond the World of Warcraft ads that had cult celebs like Mr. T and Ozzie Osbourne, and even a big step beyond last year's Jonah Hill/Sam Worthington Call of Duty commercial. RDJ is much more famous than those guys, and here he is in a video game commercial. And not even one in Japan - which, we all know, is where celebs go to be whores without trashing their domestic brand.