This unsettling horror film isn't perfect, but it's audacious.

We're nearing the end of the alphabet and the month of October. It's Halloween tomorrow and maybe you need a new horror movie to watch. Allow me to offer the small scale 2010 horror film Yellowbrickroad, a movie that's tremendously disconcerting and original. It has flaws - the ending in particular peters out with a puny ellipses - but Yellowbrickroad is mostly effective and entirely audacious, and I tip my hat to it for those reasons. The movie is suitably creepy and it offers solid performances and a strong, distinct visual style. I dig that.

Yellowbrickroad was made for half a million dollars and it displays more courage and chutzpah than most slick big-budget Hollywood fright flicks. It's unsettling and unique enough to have stayed with me in the year or so since I've seen it. I saw Sinister two weeks ago and it's already flown the coop that is my brain. So if you're looking for something creepy and unusual - warts and all - check it out. The movie's streaming on Netflix, so you can indulge your curiosity this very night! You can also read my review where I mostly say what I said here but at length.