Guillermo del Toro Doing A Vertigo Comics Team-Up Movie?

Rumor has GdT directing a film bringing together Deadman, Swamp Thing, The Spectre, John Constantine and more. 

Alan Moore's Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #50 was one of those seminal comics of my young adulthood. In the issue many of DC's occult characters joined forces to support Swamp Thing in his battle against The Great Darkness. John Constantine, Deadman, the Phantom Stranger, Zatanna and many other mystical characters show up in a team-up that blew my mind. Most of those characters later moved to the adult-oriented Vertigo line; in the last year they have returned to the mainstream DC Universe and some of them star in Justice League Dark, a team-up book that seems to be in the spirit of Swamp Thing 50.

Now they could be coming together to the movies. According to Latino Review, Guillermo del Toro is in talks with Warner Bros to create his own version of that team up, called Heaven Sent. The movie would include the characters Swamp Thing, Constantine, Deadman, The Spectre, Zatanna and Zatarra, The Phantom Stranger, Sargon and Etrigan The Demon - essentially the line-up of that issue 50. 

This is right up GdT's alley. He had been trying to get a Deadman movie off the ground for a long time (I was actually there when he met Deadman creator Arnold Drake! What a cool moment), and I know that he digs all of these characters. Warner Bros, meanwhile, is loving being in the Guillermo business - they're so enamored with Pacific Rim they want him to jump right on the sequel.

Here's an interesting thought: what if this is to be an animated movie? These are weird characters all, and may not quite work in live action. But animated they would be great. And doing this animated - a process that takes years - would allow Guillermo to do Pacific Rim 2 at the same time. When I talked to him at the Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians event this week he mentioned that he saw his producing gigs at the studio as an animation apprenticeship, one that would allow him to finally direct an animated movie of his own.

That's all speculation, of course. But it makes a certain sense, right?