Our Daily Trailer: DAY OF THE DEAD

The underrated third film in George Romero's classic, definitive zombie series - in time for Dia De Los Muertos!

Halloween is over, but now it's Dia De Los Muertos, aka Day of the Dead, so it's a perfect time to watch this strange and funny trailer.

Day of the Day was, until Romero got back into zombies with Land of the Dead, the most maligned of the Dead films. Unfairly, I think. While it is long and paced poorly, the film is bursting with ideas, interesting characters and some of the best gore FX ever put on film. Bub's the best zombie in history, and the opening zombie, Dr. Tongue, is as cool as anybody who showed up in Dawn. Hell, the movie's a classic just for Captain Rhodes and his legendary death scene. But there's more to the film, and I love the way that the movie boils down the 80s American conflict between war and peace. This is a Reagan era zombie movie, a zombie movie for the Nicaragua years. 

And if you're a Walking Dead fan, this movie is a must-see. This season is already starting to look like it's going to crib stuff from this film. The mad scientist, the de-limbening - both heavily from Day