GI JOE: RETALIATION Trailers Keep On Kicking Ass

The delayed toy movie gets a new international trailer that keeps me excited. Even though I know better.

GI Joe: Retaliation is probably abysmal. Let's be honest: you don't punt a movie a few weeks from release if it's good. Especially if you're Paramount, a company that released almost NO MOVIES this year. Think about it - the studio had nothing coming out for months at a time and they still opted to sit on this movie.

But whatever, I'm super excited. I quite liked the first GI Joe, largely because I knew it was based on toys and thus never needed to be Black Hawk Down featuring Tomax and Xamot, and I've been psyched about the sequel. The previous trailers were great, the inclusion of The Rock and Bruce Willis was promising, and now there's a new international trailer with new footage that is, again, great. I especially love the motorcycle that turns into a bunch of missiles. Hot stuff!

Yeah, everybody's going to hate it when it comes out, but whatever. I'm way into it.