Our Daily Trailer: V FOR VENDETTA

It's still November 5th somewhere.

Today a lot of people on the internet tweeted and Facebooked about 'Remember, remember the 5th of November,' a rhyme whose true meaning likely eludes them. Rather it comes to them from V For Vendetta, the movie that introduced the iconography of Guy Fawkes to America, and by extension, Anonymous. 

The film is produced by The Wachowskis - our current Badass Hall of Famers - but I suspect they were very, very hands on. It feels like one of their movies, and James McTeigue's subsequent films have almost no similarities. Alan Moore, who wrote the original comic, detests the movie, which dares find its own meanings and allegories in the material. Which is why I think it's successful, in the end. 

Less successful: Natalie Portman's accent. I totally forgot about it until watching this trailer. Yikes! And she won an Oscar later! 

I think for older nerds it's hard to understand what an impact this movie had a younger generation. This is a Ground Zero type of film, a movie that has sparked political and cinematic interest in a whole swath of younger people. I suspect a couple of the folks reading this are part of that generation.