Badass Digest Episode 8: Best Of Bond!

Who's the best Bond? What's the best Bond film? Devin invites Matt Gourley, Jeremy Smith and Allison Goertz to knock back martinis and hash it out.

This was perhaps my favorite episode of Badass Digest With Devin Faraci to shoot. Over the course of two and a half hours we knocked back six martinis (I actually had eight because guest Matt Gourley couldn't finish his last two) and just got sloshed and yapped about James Bond. Yes, we had a designated driver.

I've never been a big Bond fan, so I brought in two experts to lend gravitas - Jeremy Smith, aka Mr. Beaks of Ain't It Cool, and Matt Gourley of Superego, who has been counting down the best Bonds on his blog. Also on hand was fellow Bond newbie, singer/songwriter Allison Goertz, lending the much-needed female perspective on one of the most masculine of screen heroes. I think it was a good mix, and after our special guest, The Tipsy Bartender, got us juiced things really, really flowed. 

Making this show has been a big learning experience. We spent over two hours shooting this, and so much of it was gold. We ended up making this episode much longer than previous episodes simply because it was impossible to lose everything - and we still lost so, so much. But we kept in a lot of great stuff - and watch through the end, because you can really see how loose we get. And Matt Gourley does an amazing De Niro. 

Thanks to my guests, who you can find at the following places:

Jeremy Smith - @mrbeaks

Allison Goertz - @cossbysweater and CossbySweater

Matt Gourley - and @mattgourley


The Tipsy Bartender 

See Skyfall this weekend! It's awesome.

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