Our Daily Trailer: STREET FIGHT

One of the great modern election documentaries, STREET FIGHT follows the unlikely campaign of current superhero Cory Booker.

By now you've heard of Cory Booker. He's the mayor of Newark who ran into a burning building to save a lady. He's been driving the mayoral SUV around the city this past week hand-delivering water, blankets and supplies to residents hit by Sandy. He's got an incredible Twitter presence. Pretty much he's one of the best politicians in this country today. 

I've been a Cory Booker fan for a long time, and the documentary Street Fight is where I fell for him. This doc is about his initial campaign in Newark, and it's an infuriating look at the cheap tactics his entrenched opponent, Sharpe James, used to attempt to steal the election. But all through it Booker is sincere, decent and keeps on fighting - fair and straight. It's inspiring. And of course, in the end, he won. 

There were a lot of political movies I thought about running today, but the fact that this film reflects what I see around me in national politics makes Street Fight the right choice. Remember, even as voter intimidation tactics, crooked voting machines and blatant lies in campaign ads make you feel like democracy is dead, Cory Booker shows that we can still win.