Watch The Newest Trailer For SAVE THE DATE, Featuring A Quote By Yours Truly!

And it's actually attributed to "Badass Digest" for once!

You guys know I loveĀ Save the Date. I've been singing its praises since I saw it in April, and now you can finally watch it too! The movie is available via various on demand platforms TODAY, and in theaters on December 14. Promise me you will watch it!

And check out the latest trailer out today, including a quote from me! My first quote in a trailer! I'm very excited about this. Also exciting: the quote's actually attributed to "Badass Digest" instead of any of the fake names we usually have to give this website for studios afraid of the word "ass."

Read the review where I first said that quote, and my interview with director and co-writer Michael Mohan. And watch this movie immediately!