This Is The Sound Of Our Culture Being Destroyed

The evil mastermind behind 'Friday' returns with a song about Thanksgiving.

Today David Petraeus, director of the CIA, stepped down. The official reason was an extramarital affair, but I suspect the truth is more sinister. I suspect Petraeus left his job because the CIA was unable to anticipate and stop the release of Nicole Westbrook's It's Thanksgiving. You don't know who Westbrook is, but if you're familiar with enemies of the United States you know the Svengali pulling her strings: Patrice Wilson. He's the madman who wrote and produced Rebecca Black's Friday

In the tradition of Friday, It's Thanksgiving is a vapid, irritating song about something fairly mundane. It features no insight, no discernible talent (it's been digitally sweetened to hell), no value. If the video is any indication it's the story of a group of tweens who, under the sway of a madman in a turkey costume, have murdered all the adults in their neighborhood and now gather for a Satanic feast.

God have mercy on all our souls.