Behold! Malekith The Accursed And His Dark Elf Legions, As Sighted ‘Pon The Set Of THOR 2

Feast thine eyes upon the visage of Thor's dastardly foe in the forthcoming motion picture epic, THOR: THE DARK WORLD. 

Holy cheeseballs! That's Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed in Thor: The Dark World, filming right now. Below is a shot of the Dark Elves who serve Malekith, and who presumably exist as cannon fodder to get smashed by Mjolnir. 

These designs edge right up on silly. I love it. I rewatched The Avengers this weekend and paid a lot of attention to how silly Captain America's modern costume is; in ten years people are going to look back at this stuff as almost campy. Same with these elves. AS IT SHOULD BE! When stuff is colorful and fun it ages poorly... for a little while. Eventually we realize how cool it really was the whole time. Dark and gritty stuff will age into eternal silliness - remember that Tim Burton's Batman was considered beyond edgy at the time of release. The edge always moves further out, leaving current edgy stuff looking hopelessly goofy. Fun and colorful is always fun and colorful.