Tom Clancy’s SPLINTER CELL To Be Made Into A Film Starring Tom Hardy

He doesn't play Jack Ryan. 

Tom Clancy's espionage video game Splinter Cell will be made into a movie starring Tom Hardy, from a script by Eric Warren Singer (The International). Tom Clancy properties have done very well in Hollywood, but they're usually tied to the Jack Ryan franchise. But Splinter Cell's a hugely popular game and has been a hot commodity in Hollywood, with both Warner Bros and Paramount reportedly trying to nab the rights. It's not really a shoot 'em up game, so it'll be interesting to see how the sneaky espionage angle translates to cinema. 

The video game company Ubisoft's Motion Pictures Division has also made a recent deal with New Regency to produce a film adaptation of Assassin's Creed, starring Michael Fassbender. The video game company will have "strong creative input" as the scripts are developed. 

Ultimate Badass Michael Ironside has been the voice of Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell games (up until Blacklist, when Eric Johnson will take over). Will he have any involvement in the film? Certainly couldn't hurt. 

Splinter Cell fans - are you stoked? What do you think of the casting?