Jane Goldman To Put Up With Robert Downey Jr’s Script Notes For PINOCCHIO

The writer is in talks to write the film for Tim Burton and RDJ.

Jane Goldman's a collaborative writer, it seems. That will come in handy on Pinocchio, which she might be writing for Tim Burton to direct. The project has been kicking around for a while, and Robert Downey Jr is attached to star, and he's well known for liking to have a voice in the script stage of the process. A big voice. 

This version of Pinocchio is a prequel, telling the story of the sprig of wood from which Gepetto carved his son. Working title right now is Pinocchio Rising.

OK, that's a lie, but you can totally believe it, right? This version of Pinocchio actually focuses on Gepetto searching for his missing wooden son, so it's the 'untold story' of what's happening during the story we all know. Bryan Fuller, who's having a tough year, is the writer who Goldman is replacing. RDJ, true to form, has a lot of notes on that older draft, and Goldman will be putting them into a new script. 

Burton and RDJ have not yet signed on, but Warner Bros is hoping that Goldman helps seal the deal. She's a strong writer, so she might be enough to get these two to sign on the line which is dotted.