Paramount debuts first 9 minutes of the film on December 14th.

The normally secretive JJ Abrams is blowing the lid off the mystery of Star Trek Into Darkness on December 14th; on that day Paramount will debut the first nine minutes of the movie in front of select IMAX screenings of The Hobbit. This page from the Christopher Nolan playbook is smart, and is going to whip the fanboy base into a frenzy. And it's in front of one of the most anticipated geek films of the year - this ain't like Episode I having a trailer in front of Meet Joe Black

It also tells us that the opening scene of Star Trek Into Darkness is going to be an action sequence, and I'd bet that it's essentially disconnected from the main story, James Bond style. I doubt we'll know who the villain is by the end of the nine minutes, but we will see the more cohesive Enterprise crew in action.

Interesting note: Warner Bros has to be pissed off. They were certainly debuting at least Man of Steel and maybe Pacific Rim trailers that weekend. This is going to be a massive battle for geek attention. Whoever gets pirate footage of all this shit is going to have CRAZY hits that weekend.