Yes, This THE HEAT Trailer

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up in Paul Feig's buddy cop movie.

I know this is all pretty standard comedy - uptight cop meets unpredictable cop, wacky shenanigans commence - but dammit if this trailer for The Heat didn't make me laugh several times.

The film's directed by the great Paul Feig (BridesmaidsThe OfficeArrested DevelopmentFreaks and Geeks) and written by Katie Dippold (Parks and RecreationMadTV), and I'm already 100% sold on the odd couple chemistry between Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. Well, I'm frankly sold on Melissa McCarthy's hilarious chemistry with everyone and every thing, because homegirl makes me laugh. Her reaction to Sandy's Spanx is still cracking me up several minutes later.

Gentlemen of the audience, speak up. Does this appeal to you, too? (And ladies! Everyone chime in!)