Awesome First Clip From THE HOST 2

The sequel to Bong Joon-Ho's monster movie is finally coming.

The Host 2 has been 'happening' for a while. For such a while that I kind of forgot it was even in the works, or had maybe assumed it had come out in Korea and sucked so badly that it never quite made its way to the US. But no! The film is still coming! When is anybody's guess, but it must be soonish, since they've got this great action sequence totally complete, FX and all.

It's the first we've seen of the film, which is not from Bong but rather Park Myeong-chan, a commercials director. This clip comes from Micrograph, the Korean FX house that is creating the monster for this film. After the clip there's a 'making of' bit that's interesting.

I like what I see. I'm not sure if this will be anything other than The Host: More of the Same, but I'm willing to give it a shot.