Marvel’s Phase One Box Set Gets Pricier, More Stuff

The delayed collector set is getting new features... and a new price tag. 

When The Avengers hit home video it was supposed to be accompanied by a mega 10 disc box set that included every Marvel Studios movie to date. Known as the Phase One set, this edition would be housed in a replica briefcase like the one that held The Tesseract in Thor

Except Marvel didn't get the rights from the suitcase company and there was a lawsuit and the set was delayed. I'm sure thousands of boxes sit in some warehouse now, waiting for destruction. No word was forthcoming for a while.

Now there's some word. The new Phase One box set will be released on April 2. The packaging will be different, but it'll still contain a Cosmic Cube. It'll have all six Marvel Studios movies to date. But it'll also have hints and previews of Phase Two, set to launch with Iron Man 3. From Entertainment Weekly:

“We went back to the editor's assembly of each film and discovered some rare moments that dropped out of the films early on and had not been released on prior discs,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige tells EW.

He said part of the fun of putting together the set was highlighting all the little hidden references they put in the films, allowing fans "to catch the connective tissue that paved the way toward the Avengers assembling."

"We spent an embarrassing amount of time compiling the ‘Shield Files’ included in the box set to be sure that each character's file was full of great, movie-accurate props and Easter eggs, which help tie all of the Phase one [Marvel Comics Universe] films together,” Feige said.

The article includes a look at an extended bit from the Thor finale as an example of a 'rare moment.' It's not that exciting. 

As for Phase Two?

Obviously, some of those films are closer to completion than others, but Feige was mum about what will actually be included, saying only that the Phase Two preview would include “footage, concept art, and a few new surprises. Also, look for a nod to Iron Man 3 in the Tony Stark S.H.I.E.L.D. file in the box set.”

I wouldn't be surprised if the Comic Con Ant-Man test reel showed up in there. I'm sure there will be an extended Iron Man 3 sneak, and Captain America: Winter Soldier will be filming, with Thor: The Dark World done, so those movies could get trailers or clip reels as well. 

The set is now $220 bucks, which is a bit of an increase from the original price. Interestingly, Amazon is honoring my original pre-order price from before the lawsuit.