Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a slow day at Badass Digest. Catch up on some our cool content while eating and drinking and making merry. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. It's going to be a slow day here at Badass Digest; I'm working on some stuff, but I'm taking my time. Meredith is out with her family, far from internet signals. And the rest of the team is spending their holiday doing better things than writing internet articles. 

While we're slow this is a good time to catch up on some of our recent great content. I have to admit I'm very proud of what we've been doing this year, and I'm looking forward to doing even better next year. I do know that some of our stuff slips through the cracks, so I want to make sure everything gets the spotlight. Here are some ideas for articles and series to check out:

Bill Norris' Your Guide To Drinking This Weekend is possibly the best thing we run on this site, and too few of you read it. You're missing out! It's not just recipes; Bill has a sparklling writing style and he spins tales about the origins of all sorts of cocktails. Even if you're not a drinker, you'll be enchanted by the history and science on display in this column every single week. 

Click here to catch up on the whole series by clicking here and here.

Over the last couple of months we've been in a partnership that has produced a weekly video show, Badass Digest With Devin Faraci. I hate to say this, but I think it's pretty good. We have nine episodes so far, and there's not one I dislike. Some of my favorite episodes - the Universal Monsters episode and the Bob Burns' Basement episode - are also the least-watched, so I'm putting this out here hoping more of you guys will give them a view. They're about some of the things closest to my heart, and they don't suck. I swear!

Click here to see all the episodes so far. 

Meredith, Brian and Evan have given their sanity in pursuit of a case: watching every episode of Twin Peaks. They're done now (next week they'll watch Fire Walk With Me to wrap it all up), and you can follow their descent from the highs of season one to the lows of season two here.

There are new movies in the theaters! Evan reviewed Red Dawn right here. I reviewed Rise of the Guardians here. Look for Life of Pi and Hitchcock reviews tomorrow (we're off Fox's invite list AGAIN. Don't talk shit on Prometheus seems to be the lesson here). 

In the coming weeks I'm going to be stepping up my review game; I know I've fallen behind. And in December the BAD editorial team is getting together in Austin to plan out 2013. One of my top goals: more longform content. That means more Schlock Corridor, more movie reviews, more Badass Hall of Fame and lots of meaty, smart writing. 

This year I'm thankful for the success we've found because of the great, intelligent readers and commenters. I appreciate every one of you. Thanks for reading our stuff, and thanks for sharing it with likeminded friends and family. 

And let's remember our annual Badass Digest tradition: watching Attack the Block! Do it!

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