Meet Steven Reed, The Greatest TV Chef Ever

An extraordinary cooking show from Weber State University.

This has to be fake. It's too perfect to be real. If it is fake, it's a work of mad genius. If it's real, it's a work of mad genius. Either way, it's mad genius.

Steven Reed hosts Weber Cooks, a cooking show that supposedly streamed on the Weber State News site (if you go there now they appear to be streaming an inept newscast from April. It's breathtakingly bad). Reed seems to be happy using just the one facial expression and the one tone of voice, and he loves making food in his microwave. I'm assuming the idea was that this is a cooking show for dorm kids, who can only have a microwave in their room, but the chili cheese dip one... holy shit. 

Here's Reed teaching you how to make spaghetti in the microwave. The music rules on this one:

Here's how to make Rice-A-Roni:

Potatoes and creamed corn! More killer music:

Holy shit! AMAZING!