I Guess It’s PACIFIC RIM Day: Kaiju Attack Footage

More viral PACIFIC RIM stuff from Warner Bros. It just keeps coming!

I keep thinking the latest Pacific Rim thing is the last Pacific Rim thing for the day, and then something new shows up. We've had a Kaiju Alert System video, a Jaeger blueprint and now this, news footage of the first Kaiju attack on San Francisco.

As I've said in previous posts today, the viral marketing looks to be filling in the film's backstory. By the time Pacific Rim opens, Kaiju attacks are very regular events. These viral things document the first such attacks... which happen in the year 2015.

And know this: this is NOT the style of the film. I can't say much more, but this is not found footage, this is not shaky cam. What you're seeing is just stuff that's been manipulated for this viral campaign.