This Is What PACIFIC RIM’s Jaegers Look Like

Or at least one of them: Gipsy Danger!

One of the biggest problems with modern creature design is that no one goes for a striking, recognizable silhouette. Every designer has become fixated on bulbous, misshappen, real world-influenced designs that are unmemorable. 

Guillermo del Toro knows better. One of the best things about Pacific Rim, based on the stuff I've seen, is that the kaiju - the giant monsters - and the Jaegers - the giant robots that fight them - have recognizable silhouettes. The Jaegers aren't Transformer-like messes of parts and wires, they're streamlined and pleasant looking robots. They're well designed.

Above is a blueprint of a Jaeger, Gipsy Danger (they all have cool names, too). To see it bigger, where you can really soak up the detail, click the Wired link below. In the meantime check out how simple, and how cool, it looks. The design is great, and will stand out in a line-up.