The Ira Gershwin of Starfleet

A wonderful, perhaps slightly deranged STAR TREK nut has written and sung lyrics for all of the lyricless STAR TREK themes.

I know what you are thinking. Man, how lame is it that Enterprise was the only Star Trek theme that had lyrics, right? Right?

Well, here's what you don't know. A wonderful, perhaps slightly deranged Star Trek nut who calls himself Q has written lyrics for the themes to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager. He recorded himself singing in what I presume to be his parents' house and put 'em up on YouTube in 2007.

Q isn't the only one who's done this (here's a goofball one that is amusing, but kinda obvious) but there's a plainspoken perfection in Q's choice of lyrics. Plus, he actually can carry a tune, in a barbershop sense of the word.

For some reason these videos never became the viral sensation I always felt they deserved to be. But I think that is about to change.

Today I not only discovered someone had done a cover version of Q's Voyager theme, but someone else did a mashup between them.

Up top we've got his version of The Next Generation, certainly the silliest of all. His Deep Space Nine theme has embedding disabled, but is truly transcendent and worth a click. It's the best one. And here's Q's Voyager, also worth a watch.

A word of warning – don't watch these videos unless you want these songs trapped in your head forever. My former associate editor at (and current movies editor at Matt Patches and I mistakenly played these videos one afternoon and it got to the point that friends were yelling at us to STFU because we couldn't stop singing.

For years that was it. But now, finally, recognition has come Q's way.

Here's a cover version of Voyager.

And here's the Mashup!

Finally, someone took the TNG one and added some cheapo graphics.

Well, there you have it. I've ruined your week because you will be singing these lyrics to yourself nonstop.

Incidentally, years ago Matt Patches and I reached out to Q, asking if we could commission him to write lyrics for the theme to Avatar: The Last Airbender. He wrote back, but all he wrote about was how he once visited Times Square and ate pizza.