Badass Digest Episode 11: The War For STAR WARS

This episode Devin is joined by Jeremy Smith, Jenna Busch and Peyton Reed to discuss the future of STAR WARS.

It's the biggest nerd news of 2012: Star Wars is back. Disney has bought Lucasfilm, Episodes VII-IX are coming and that's just the beginning. 

For the latest episode of Badass Digest With Devin Faraci I got together with some friends and had a big, long, nerdy discussion about the history of Star Wars, whether it's totally played out, and what's to come. We shot this episode two weeks ago, and at the time we were certain the director for Episode VII would be announced shortly - hell, we were checking our phones between takes to see if there was any news. There's still no news on it, but I think our prediction - Jon Favreau - is pretty strong.

Thanks to my guests, who are wonderful people. You can find them at the following places:

Jeremy Smith of Ain't It Cool News - @mrbeaks

Jenna Busch of Fanhattan - @jennabusch

Peyton Reed, director of Bring it On and The Breakup  - @mrpeytonreed

And thanks to Silver Lake's comic shop, Secret Headquarters, for the location! @theSHQ