Announcing The Don’t Talk Don’t Text Filmmaking Frenzy Winners!

We had a great run of entries, but one stood above the rest!

Unforgivable from POSSUMBOX on Vimeo.

We ended up with 45 different entries to the Don't Talk / Don't Text Filmmaking Frenzy competition, with filmmakers from all over the country chiming in to give their best take on a PSA warning obnoxious people that it's super rude to talk or text during a movie. There were a lot of different fantastic ideas presented, and a lot of entertaining ways to tell people to shut up and watch the movie.

We relied on audience votes to determine the top 5 winners from all markets and presented those to the judges. Those included myself, Editor-in-Chief for this here site Mr. Devin Faraci, and CEO and founder of the Alamo Drafthouse, Tim League. We also went through every other entry because I had read some of the concerns that the voting system made it too easy to cheat, and while we each had a few favorites that didn't make it into the finals, we all agreed that there was one spot among all of them that felt like the best fit for the Alamo's onscreen PSAs.

And that winning spot was...

Unforgivable, by Possum Box

It's definitely a little dark, but it's so over the top that the humor remains intact, and the cinematic feel of it will most likely surprise audiences that walk into the theater to check out the latest Hollywood blockbuster and haven't been following this contest. That alone makes it something I'm very much looking forward to watching on the big screen.

So congratulations to Possum Box and everyone on that team. You guys win the $1,000 Visa gift card grand prize, and your short will play before movies on every Alamo screen nationwide.

We'll also be playing a lot of these other spots before select movies, though, and while we won't be able to let everyone know ahead of time when each spot will be playing, don't be too surprised if you come to the Alamo in 2013 and find your Don't Talk up on screen greeting the audience around you. Just don't yell out in excitement too loudly when that happens, or you may get kicked out for talking.

We also had regional winners from every city that has an Alamo (and the surrounding areas that don't have one yet), and those winners are below:

Seriously Don't Jabber, by Max Trautner

Kansas City:
Phone-y Trailer, by Chad Johan & Marshall T. Wyatt 

San Antonio:
The Bigger Picture, by Johnny Luna

The Coat-Rack Witch by Jon Graham

Congratulations to all of our winners, and I hope everyone will come back and make videos for some of the super exciting Filmmaking Frenzy events we're currently lining up for 2013!