Ken Marino Talks BURNING LOVE Season 2

A BACHELORETTE rip-off starring one of the ladies from last season and a whole bunch of actors you love.

I really like Burning Love, the Bachelor-style spoof web series from Ken Marino and his wife Erica Oyama. The first season, in which Marino plays a clueless firefighter looking for love in a house full of ladies, is really strong throughout and stars a ton of brilliant comedic actresses alongside Marino, Adam Scott and Michael Ian Black. You can watch all of the 8-minute episodes here, and you should because they're a riot. 

Well, the show's returning for Season Two, and - in grand reality dating show style - will star one of Marino's rejected lady suitors as a bachelorette surrounded by hunky men. The woman in question is played by June Diane Raphael, a remarkably funny human I've been hoping would get some attention for ages. She's been in Party DownNTSF:SD:SUV and The New Girl, among other projects. She played Julie in Season One, the "damaged goods" dental hygienist who didn't quite capture Mark's heart. Here's her video bio for S1:

Now she's back and she's "gained a lot of confidence. She’s also gained a lot of tanning spray and hair extensions.” And oh man, are her co-stars amazing.
Michael Ian Black returns as the Burning Love host, and Adam Scott, last year playing Mark's therapist, returns as a competitor, alongside the following actors I adore: Paul Scheer, Joe Lo Truglio, Rob Huebel, Jerry O'Connell (whose brother Charlie was a Bachelor on ABC), Michael Cera, Colin Hanks, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, Nick Kroll, Kumail Nanjiani, Nick Thune, Brandon Johnson AND Adam Brody! I love Adam Brody, and normally when I think he's been cast in something, I get very excited only to discover that I misread and it's Adrien Brody again, but no! This time it's actually Adam Brody!
I also love this quote from Marino, already discussing plans for a third season titled Burning Down the House. "The difference between Burning Love and Burning Down the House is, we strip away the love and make it solely about the money. Everybody’s there competing for the huge prize of $900. Everybody has great plans if they win.”
Here are some pics from the upcoming season, all courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Seasons 2 and 3 of Burning Love will premiere next year on Yahoo! Screen.