Body Modification Horror Comedy AMERICAN MARY Finally Gets U.S. Distribution

It'll make you cut your tongue in half in glee.

Finally, American Mary joins the ranks of Fantastic Fest films fortunate enough to earn a distribution deal. The film will be distribute by XLrator Media, to be released under their Screamfest label next fall, which is unfortunately a long time from now.

I'm kind of surprised it took this long for a deal to take place, to be honest.While I moderately enjoyed American Mary (my review is here, but the short version is that is succeeds wildly as a comedy and not quite as well as a cringe-inducing horror film), I had an overwhelming feeling it was a big hit at the festival and assumed it already had distribution. I could have confused the film's reception with that of its directors, Jen and Sylvia Soska (aka the Twisted Twins), who were highly visible at the fest all week. They even talked to ME, you guys! I think one might have touched my arm! American Mary is the greatest film ever!

Rather than listen to me undermine the real achievement of two talented filmmakers with my awful sexism, do your best to catch American Mary when it comes out in just under a year. It has some pretty good gore gags and a couple of stand out performances. But more than anything it's funny. And if it's a hit, it'll be that much easier for the Twisted Twins to make their next film, which they told me about (one of them, anyway, while maybe touching my arm) and sounds really incredible.