First Official ENDER’S GAME Photo Reveals Grumpy Grump Grumps in Space

Either Harrison Ford is short or those kids are giants.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the very first still from Gavin Hood's adaptation of Orson Scott Card's much beloved Ender's Game. In it we see Harrison Ford, who looks very much like an old and grumpy Harrison Ford, as he dresses down Asa Butterfield, who actually doesn't look anything at all like I remember him from Hugo.

For those who don't know, the book and movie are all about this alien invasion that should arrive in about a decade or so. The Earth prepares for it by training super genius children to be space badasses. By the time the aliens come to eat us or whatever (I think they're of the insectoid variety of sci-fi aliens), these kids will all be capable adults. This robs them of their childhoods, so each and every one of them grow up to be Michael Jackson.

I can't deny my love for what I read of the Ender's Game novels (there's the first book, then it goes off into two different series from there, and I never finished either), but it's a fondness tainted with suspicion that I might like what I found if I reread it. The one thing I remember liking most was how harsh Card's genius children were to each other. He unapologetically pulls out some The Chocolate War brutality when he needs to, and that gives the novels a lot more intensity than you'd expect. The book is mean, and I can't help but fear that aspect of the story will get lost in translation here.

I do hope I'm wrong, though. It all looks very pretty and colorful, and I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about it as we get closer to its still way-off release. In the meantime, everyone should go read about Orson Scott Card and what a fun-lovable guy he is!