Kevin Smith’s HIT SOMEBODY: First Two Films, Then One, Now a Miniseries, Always a Joke

Evan is not a nice person.

I often forget all about Kevin Smith. Somehow I'm aware that he has a television show on AMC and he's big in the podcasting world. But as a filmmaker, I just have no interest in what he does. It feels kind of weird, since I genuinely used to like the guy. Not because he used to be good, but because I used to be stupid.

For a while now, Smith has been harping on and on about a funny hockey epic he wanted to make called Hit Somebody. The idea of a funny, violent movie about hockey seemed like a solid comedy concept with possible inroads to sincerity. And it was. If you haven't seen Goon, you should get on that as soon as you can.

Even with a much beloved film stealing his conceptual thunder, Smith still wants to make Hit Somebody. He wants it so bad that he'll mutate it in any way needed to make it a reality. First it was two movies long. Then it was just one. Now it's going to be a television miniseries. The funniest part is, according to the podcast in which Smith tells this story, the idea to make it a miniseries was just an offhand suggestion from Jason Mewes. Smith hadn't even considered it.

So it looks like this might be the final development for Hit Somebody before it actually has to become something we can all watch. Or perhaps its journey has only just begun. By the time my kid graduates high school, Hit Somebody might have taken the form of an "SmAudio SmAdventure" about an ugly ballerina who wants to learn how to hit on boys. Could be good!